black dream research
is an experimental deep tech solution studio.
Open-Source Projects
The first Human-AI developed programming language for Neuromorphic Engineering.
The first analog tape emulation DAW plug-in to leverage ML in DSP algorithm design.
the purpose
To actualize Omnipotent Computing: Ubiquitous Multimodal frontends + distributed intelligence backend ecosystems.
the structure
Half product lab. Half solution studio. black dream's consultancy work includes high-profile human-augmentative AI engagements with Pfizer, Farmers Insurance and others across various industry verticals.
the locale
In quintessential Silicon Valley fashion, black dream research is headquartered out of a live/work residence @ NASA Ames Research Park (formerly N.A.S. Moffett Field) in Mountain View, California.
the story
Originally conceived as an Adversarial Machine Intelligence R&D firm in 2017, and formerly founded in 2023 by Eros Marcello, an AI/ML Design Engineer who's worked on human-interfacing Artificial Intelligence @ Apple, Meta, Samsung, Salesforce.
(201) 450-3609
NASA Ames Research Park
935 Berry Court W
Moffett Field, CA 94043